:A common mistake about catalytic converter repair

The high cost of buying a catalyst these days has made many people unable to buy a new catalyst,
 or due to the use of low quality catalyst by domestic manufacturers, it has caused the catalyst to fail much
 earlier than its time. You don't need to buy a new catalyst when cleaning and repairing the catalyst.
'iina altaklifat alealiat lishira' muhafiz hadhih al'ayaam jaealat aleadid min al'ashkhas ghayr qadirin
 ealaa shira' muhafiz jadida, 'aw bisabab aistikhdam muhafiz munkhafad aljawdat min qibal alsharikat almusanaeat 
almahaliyati, faqad tasabab dhalik fi fashal almuuhafiz fi waqt 'abikir bikathir min waqtihi. la tahtaj 'iilaa
 shira' muhafiz jadid eind tanzif almuhafiz wa'iislahihi.

Today, the topic of catalyst repair has become very important, because since many types of cars are used
all over the world, this important and sensitive part is one of the factors in reducing air pollution. Note that the improper operation of this part, which is usually caused by collision
, long operation, etc., makes the catalyst unable to neutralize the dangerous gases produced by the engine.
In addition to causing air pollution and harming the environment,
this problem also causes vehicle breakdown
, so it is best to go to a professional to repair your car’s catalyst as soon as you show signs of catalyst

why A common mistake about catalytic converter repair?

why A common mistake about catalytic converter repair?What is the catalyst?
To better understand the importance of a catalyst and its health,
 you must first understand how this valuable part works:

Catalysts are part of a vehicle's exhaust system that directs the gases in the vehicle out after interacting 
with them to make them safe or less dangerous.

This part is an important and essential part of the emissions and pollution control system in every car.
 Therefore, in most countries where the issue of air pollution is important,
 it is an offense to remove this part by motorists.

Is the catalytic converter easy to repair?
The answer to the question is it easy to repair the catalyst? Certainly not,
 given the sensitivity and importance of this piece, you must have high expertise and experience to repair it.

Of course, repairing catalysts does not seem like a difficult task for experts
 who have special tools to diagnose problems.

The suggestion of the specialized Catalyst One group for you, dear ones, 
is that you should never arbitrarily remove or repair your catalyst,
 but when you see signs of malfunction of this piece,
 which we will explain below, go to a specialized repairer as soon as possible,
 because it is possible to fix it yourself and in a way Unprofessional,
 not only will you not solve the problem, 
but you will also cause this part to become beyond repair and you will have to replace it.(تعمیر کاتالیزور)

How to know A common mistake about catalytic converter repair?

What marks do we need to fix the catalyst?

Until now, due to the importance of this sentence,
 we have repeated it many times that the health of the catalyst contributes a lot to the health of the car,
 as it prevents further air pollution and helps the health of the environment directly and indirectly.

So, please be sure to visit a professional repair technician after seeing the signs of catalyst
 failure that can be easily understood by the motorist.
Symptoms of catalyst failure
Check Engine Light On: This condition may have various causes,
 and it is up to the repairman to determine if the problem is in the catalyst if the check light is on or not.
Decreased car power, many people mistakenly think that the presence of this part in the car is 
worthless and not only helps the performance of the car, but also causes the car to slow down, 
so they arbitrarily remove this valuable part after a period of sharp decline in acceleration. 
And they have to install that part again at a higher cost.
Hearing abnormal noises from under the car
 - Problems with the exit of gases coming from the exhaust muffler
Catalyst repair and service life of this part.

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