Catalyst washing : You should know about washing the catalyst!
Washing the catalyst, is such an action possible for an important part like the catalyst, 
which is considered one of the main parts of the car? In response, we have to say that yes, 
the specialists of our group will do this for you by using a special liquid that is used to remove the waste
 and pollution inside the catalyst.
It should be noted that the process of washing the catalyst has a series of rules and basic explanations,
 and in this section we will review this predetermined information.
Due to the high price of cars and catalytic converters,
 most of the car owners are looking for a cheaper and more economical way to solve the problems of the external 
exhaust pipe and not to increase harmful gases, so that they can easily pass the technical examination of the car.
 let them
Catalyst washing is one of the best methods and basic principles for maintaining car safety and
 maintaining the necessary safety in the car catalyst, but for many of you, the question arises, 
how to wash the catalyst?
The fastest and easiest way to wash your desired catalyst is to buy and use catalyst
 and oxygen sensor washing solution,
 you can easily buy this product from our site and add it to the tank where fuel is stored. install
this solution starts the process of fixing and cleaning the desired part using the oxygen sensor
 in the car's catalyst.

Important points regarding catalysis washing solution

Important points regarding catalysis washing solutionCatalyst washing solution has a complex composition and formula so that other parts of the car will not be damaged when cleaning this part

Very few European companies have the ability to produce and formulate such a solution. Major European car manufacturers have the necessary approvals for the sale of oil supplements, fuel, octane boosters and other types of oil supplements. They also comply with the TUV standard of the European Union

It is strongly recommended not to use products that do not meet the necessary standards and whose producers are unknown or do not have a specific representative and authority in Iran for washing the catalyst

Because in many cases they have caused heavy damages to the car owners. It is also not recommended to wash the catalyst with acid, salt ink, etc., because it destroys the internal active metals of the catalytic converter

Why is catalyst washing needed?

Catalysts in most cases will last as long as the useful life of the car. Of course, sometimes due to various factors, they will get blocked and lose their efficiency. In such a situation, you should wait for the following factors:

تعمیر مغزی کاتالیزور
بیشتر بخوانید
مرکز تخصصی تعمیرکاتالیزور

Inefficient control of exhaust gases
Release of toxic and dangerous gases in the environment
Reduction of car engine performance
Damage to other vehicle functions

What methods are not suitable for cleaning and washing the catalyst?

You will definitely see a lot of information on the internet about the best way to wash the catalyst, but note that all this information is not accurate and correct, and it is possible to damage the catalyst and other car parts. Catalyst One’s expert group advises you to avoid the following methods for cleaning and washing the car catalyst

Pouring thinner into the fuel tank: You may have seen articles titled the best way to wash the catalyst and remove its blockage by pouring thinner into the fuel tank. Solvents will be used in the automotive industry, but it is not at all wise to use off-the-shelf products and products that are not made for cars on your vehicle. The idea behind this trick is that the solvents in the thinner will break down the mesh blockers. Bees will be catalysts. But the problem is that these products will not be suitable for circulating inside the car’s fuel system

Washing the catalyst with acid: Some novices will suggest that the best way to wash the catalyst is washing with acid. An acid such as salt ink or citric acid may be strong enough to remove the deposits inside the catalyst honeycomb, but it will definitely cause irreparable damage to this sensitive part. Washing the catalyst with citric acid or ink salt will be able to cause corrosion of its various parts and disrupt the catalyst’s performance more than before and disable it

Open the catalyst

The body of the car catalyst is either bolted or welded on it. If you have enough skill and the right tools, you will be able to remove the screws. But cutting the catalyst body is not a wise thing at all and it may lead to damage to the internal components of the catalysts, especially the honeycomb network. The best way is to go to a reputable auto catalytic converter repair center and have the experts do it for  you.

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