What is catalyst repair? And why do we need to repair the catalyst
What is catalyst repair? And why do we need to repair the catalyst? It is a very specialized and complex topic that expert repairmen must know exactly the symptoms and methods of catalyst repair, but in this article we provide you with information about the causes of catalyst failure, how to maintain catalysts and how they work, so that when Use it as needed. So, stay with us to find out what is the answer to the repair of the catalyst? to make it fully available to you.

What is catalyst repair? And how does it work?

In this section, we want to know more about catalyst repair.
 How does it work? Let's discuss it first of course to better understand
 how important catalyst health is in a car, and we'll explain how this valuable part of a car works.
How does the catalyst work:

The catalyst works much simpler than it seems. 
They are chemicals that speed up chemical reactions without changing themselves during the reaction.

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What is catalyst repair? And signs that you need it

What is catalyst repair? And signs that you need itThe check engine light comes on
If the vehicle’s computer system detects an engine fault, the check engine light will illuminate to inform the driver that there are many reasons for the check light to come on, and repair work must determine whether the problem originates from the engine. Catalytic or not.

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Vehicle deceleration

Other symptoms of a failed catalyst are that the car may experience sudden jerks and vibrations and not have the traction it should have. The reason is the low power of the converter, and due to damage to the cell, its heating, and blockage of the exhaust gas channel, the engine cannot breathe properly, and therefore the car does not have enough power. Of course, some people mistakenly think that the catalyst is the cause of the car, and without consulting specialists they try to remove this valuable part, which over time causes the car to fall sharply.

Hearing an abnormal sound from under the car

This problem causes a knocking sound at high engine revs or when starting up. Whenever you hear this sound, doubt the health of your car’s catalyst because this sound arises when the ceramic cells break and their molecules are affected by the gas flow and its forces. The centrifuge hit the wall of the catalyst and this sound was loud enough to be heard

. Problems releasing gas from the exhaust muffler

If you place your palm in front of the exhaust pipe of a car that has a working catalytic converter, you will feel the exhaust stream vibrating or oscillating. The reason is that the exhaust valves work alternately. If you feel that the current out of these gases is weak or has no waveform, the catalytic cell in your car may be damaged.

Please note that each of the above symptoms can be easily understood by motorists,
 so it is best to see a specialist immediately and fix the problem before the damage gets worse. (تعمیر کاتالیزور)